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Retail Case Study: UGG Outperforms with Spaceback

Social Media Everywhere

Easily transform social media posts into dynamic creative for distribution everywhere via paid media.

Spaceback Makes it Easy

Spaceback easily turns social posts into traditional ad formats.


Select the social media post to amplify and distribute off of the social platform.


Spaceback provides an ad tag compatible in all media buying platforms.


The social media post renders wherever your audiences are.

Why Social Content?

Extend learnings from social media and dynamically produce fresh creative content.

  • 80% of people follow brands on social media
  • Brands have a catalog of authentic content with which people already engage
  • Familiar interface elements combat ad blindness and invite engagement
  • Social content not only performs better but is also a better experience for customers

Spaceback Advantages

  • Social Proof with dynamically updated engagement data
  • Versatile ad tags compatible in all environments
  • Premium quality for retina displays
  • No creative services costs or fees
  • Drive traffic and social engagements from the same ad unit
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